8/100 reasons why Sunshiners’ keyboards are broken

8/100 reasons why Sunshiners’ keyboards are broken

If there is one thing that has never failed to move me all these years with SNSD, is that the girls always talk of a future, a continuation, a forever as SNSD, with SONEs. 


I want to keep on doing Girls’ Generation forever. Please let me do so.” - Taeyeon

That’s right. We’ll protect Girls’ Generation forever.” - Jessica

Even after 10 years, if we can perform on stage as SNSD and meet with our fans… I hope it can be like that. I’ll try to make that happen too.” - Sunny

I hope Girls’ Generation will be as we say “Now it’s Girls’ Generation!”, the Girls’ Generation now and forever. Even when we get much older, we will come together as Girls’ Generation.” - Yoona

It’s only been 4 years! SONEs! Until SNSD becomes 40 years old… I hope we can make memories together… Forever.” - Seohyun

Until 5 years become 50. Until 500 years… Will you still love us? Yes!” - Sooyoung

To these hearts… I would like to repay them. It would take me my lifetime to give all the love back. And because I think it would take at least 14 years for you to enjoy what I’ve given back… Stay by our side till then… ok?!” - Yuri

4th anniversary… I will end this message shortly here.. Since I’m going to write again for our 5th anniversary. Hehe.” - Taeyeon

Let’s stay together until we all become old grannies and grandpas!” - Sunny

It’s amazing, and SNSD, all nine of us will work hard to stay together for not just 3 years, but 30 years, huh… 30 years… is that too long? Hahaha~ with SONEs, I think it’ll be easy hitting 300th year. Let’s continue all of this for a very long time. Let’s all be together.” - Yuri

SONE will exist as long as Girls’ Generation exists, right? I believe so.” - Hyoyeon

I’m really happy and thankful… from now on… “I want to dream with you (with SONE) forever.” I love you. Really.” - Tiffany

The last love of my life, I hope that is SONE.” - Tiffany

SONEs believe in forever, because it is SNSD who believed first.

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semiderp soshi.

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